Forgotten Tribes: Brescia Bercane's Illustrations as Cultural Reminders

Brescia Bercane is more than just a brand - it is a platform for celebrating forgotten tribes and preserving their cultural heritage. In the face of globalization, many tribes and indigenous communities are at risk of fading away, losing their unique identities and rich cultural heritage. At Brescia Bercane, we are dedicated to shining a light on these endangered tribes through the power of art.

Bossane sarong in pushkar

Each collection we create is inspired by a specific culture, tribe, or destination.
2019: Mexican Mythology
2020: Frida Khalo, Brazilian tribes, Mexico
2021: Mentawaï Islands, Indonesia
2022: Indo-china from 1930's, Vietnam
2023: Dongria Kondh, Rajhastani tribes, India
2024: Dani and Korowai tribes, Papua, Indonesia

Our artist, Brescia, dives deep into research, immersing herself in the rich history, traditions, and symbolism of these tribes by reading books, watching documentaries and travelling. The result is a vibrant tapestry of illustrations that capture the essence of their unique identities.

By showcasing these forgotten tribes through our artwork, we hope to promote cultural preservation, raise awareness and appreciation for their contributions to humanity's collective heritage. We believe that cultural diversity is a treasure that should be cherished and celebrated. Through our illustrations, we invite you to embark on a visual journey, connecting with the stories and traditions of these remarkable communities.

tribe and our art

At Brescia Bercane, we recognize the importance of preserving cultural heritage and strive to do so in a respectful and authentic manner. We collaborate with balinese artisans from different backgrounds, ensuring that our illustrations are accurate representations of the tribes' symbols, patterns, and aesthetics.

Through our creations, we hope to ignite curiosity, spark conversations, and inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diversity of our world. Brescia Bercane invites you to join us on this cultural exploration as we shine a spotlight on forgotten tribes and their invaluable contributions to our shared global tapestry.

With love,