Celebrating Our Artisans: Brescia Bercane's Creative Ecosystem in Indonesia

Welcome to the captivating world of Brescia Bercane, where every piece we create is a vibrant testament to Indonesian artistry and craftsmanship. Since 2017, we have forged strong bonds with exceptional artisans, bringing our clothing, accessories, and artistic creations to life. Allow us to introduce you to the inspiring faces behind our designs and discover how we infuse sustainability and authenticity into every step of our journey.

Ayu: The Production Magician
Meet Ayu, our production maestro. As the production manager, she skillfully orchestrates the diverse talents of our artisans. Ayu is the thread that weaves the pieces of the puzzle together, ensuring that every printed fabric comes to life as a unique creation.

Putu and Ketut: Bali's Embroidered Love
A Balinese couple residing in the enchanting north of Bali, Putu and Ketut are the heart and hands behind our exquisite clothing, sarongs, and cushion covers. Each embroidery is a love story to their culture, handwoven with care and precision. Their creations mirror the natural beauty of Bali and their devotion to their craft.

komang and his plates

Komang and Ami: A Dream Team

Near our workshop, Komang and Ami craft wonders. Komang breathes life into our ceramic plates with stunning paintings, while Ami handweaves jewelry of exceptional beauty. Just a 5-minute stroll from our workshop, their enchanting work seamlessly melds with our creative ecosystem.

Made and His Team: Writing Tales on Recycled Paper
The soothing sound of pages turning originates with Made and his team. They transform recycled paper into exquisite notebooks, lovingly and meticulously created. Each page is a blank canvas for writing stories, scribbling ideas, and capturing precious moments.

balinese community

At Brescia Bercane, we have chosen to spotlight sustainable practices through our short-cycle production model. By working closely with our artisans, we celebrate the union of tradition and innovation. Each piece is crafted with care, respecting the environment and cultural values.

Join us in our quest to celebrate art, authenticity, and sustainability. Every Brescia Bercane creation is a story, a dance of colors, fabrics, and traditions. Together, we breathe life into unique treasures, honoring the past while illuminating the future. Welcome to our universe, where craftsmanship and passion merge to create wearable and cherished works of art.

With love,