7 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Our Sarongs

Your home is a canvas, and decorating it is your chance to be the artist. If you're looking for a way to infuse your living space with color, art, and originality, look no further than the versatile Brescia Bercane sarong. These beautiful pieces of fabric can transform your home into a bohemian haven.
In this article, we'll explore the many ways you can use sarongs to create a unique and eclectic atmosphere, and we'll provide techniques to help you achieve the look you desire.

sarong bed blankets

1. Bed Blanket Bliss
Transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat by using our sarong as a bed blanket. To achieve the look, simply drape the sarong across your bed, letting it flow generously over the sides. Tuck it in at the foot of the bed for a tidy look, or let it hang loose for a carefree, bohemian feel.


2. Table Runner Marvel
Add a pop of color and art to your dining area by using our sarong as a table runner. This technique is perfect for both formal dinners and casual gatherings. Place the sarong down the center of your dining table, letting the edges cascade gracefully. Choose here your sarong with vibrant colors and intricate designs. Pair it with complementary tableware for an eye-catching tablescape.

framed sarongs
3. Framed Elegance
Give your walls a touch of global charm by framing your Brescia Bercane sarong. To do this, select a large, striking sarong. Stretch it over a wooden frame or canvas and secure it with staples or tape on the back. Hang your framed sarong as a statement piece in your living room, bedroom, or hallway. This technique turns your sarong into a true work of art.

4. Curtain Chic
Embrace the bohemian spirit by using sarongs as window curtains. Choose a pair of sarongs that match your color scheme and style. To hang them, simply slide a curtain rod through the sarong's tube-like top hem. This technique allows diffused light to filter through, creating a dreamy atmosphere in your home.

wall tapestries

5. Wall Tapestry Wonder
Transform your living space into a gallery of colors and designs by using sarongs as wall tapestries. Select sarongs that reflect your personal taste and style. Hang them on the wall using decorative hooks or curtain rings. You can arrange them in a grid for a clean, modern look or overlap them for a layered and eclectic vibe. For wall tapestries and glass-framed art, consider sarongs featuring hand-designed faces for a stunning effect.

outdoor sarongs
6. Outdoor Oasis
Don't limit your sarong to indoor decor. They can also breathe life into your outdoor space. Use them as picnic blankets, hammock covers, or as a vibrant backdrop for your garden. Their versatility adds an extra touch of style and comfort to your outdoor oasis.

fourniture sarongs

7. Furniture Flourish
Give your furniture a fresh, bohemian look by using Brescia Bercane sarong as chair or sofa covers. Drape a sarong over the back of a chair or across the cushions of a sofa to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. This technique is perfect for a laid-back, eclectic vibe. For tablecloths, curtains, or bed blankets, opt for sarongs with all-over patterns that complement your decor and add a touch of uniqueness to your space.

Sarongs are more than just accessories; they're artistic expressions of culture and style. When you incorporate them into your home decor, you're not just decorating; you're crafting a space that reflects your personality and creativity. Each technique brings a unique bohemian and eclectic vibe to your home, making it a true reflection of your vibrant spirit.

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