In memory of Gauguin

Upwind or downwind, between Polynesia and Indonesia our heart is swinging. First inspired by an Indo-Nepalese story with elephants painted in watercolor under a starry night, the collection goes even further into the lost islands.

Through our sarongs we give you access to a unique community in the world: the Mentawai, tribe from the other side of the world. Known as the «flower tribe», they live in perfect harmony with nature and spirits. The tattoos drawn on women’s faces are an essential part of their animist tradition. Threatened by the modern world and the exploitation of their lands, we want to highlight them through our handmade prints.

These colorful prints charm art and travel lovers in the memory of Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel. Enjoy the journey on a traditional pirogue to discover a land where women practice a colorful and joyful art of living, beauty and lightness.

In Gauguin’s footsteps, hibiscus flowers in the hair, sarong dancing through the breeze, cast off the moorings, set sail and just focus on the turquoise horizon line.

Photographer: Samantha Feyen

Model: Kylie

Location: Hawaï