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Coming from a very artistic background, Brescia Bercane, the designer, has always been passionate about creation and fashion design. Manon Norel, who has always shown a strong business acumen, joined her in order to develop the brand with passion and dedication.

The brand Brescia Bercane was born from that exceptional encounter of two complementary souls, looking for freedom, inspiration, and creativity. Travelling between France and Bali, they both want to explore the many cultures the world has to offer, driven by their thirst for knowledge, creativity, and inspiration.

Over the past few years, Brescia has been learning from the best designers in France, India, and Bali.

Always inspired by mystic souls, Berber tribes, and folk art, she has finally realized her dream of launching her brand.

Animated by the desire to move people with her art, Brescia Bercane will keep on reinventing new handmade design and printed textile for both Beachwear, and Resortwear, with of course the same quality.