Nature, our greatest inspiration

Nature is our greatest inspiration, and taking care of it is also to control our waste and consumption. Living in Indonesia since 2016, we have always been aware of the waste problem and we consciously aim to raise awareness among artisans and local people around us about alternatives to plastic.

Returning to the 3R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) concept, we always reminds all of us to reduce waste from sources and choose materials that can be used repeatedly before taking the recycling step.

Our Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

Recycled paper tag

From the SS22 collection, we produced recycled paper tag with a Balinese community run exclusively by women. The process of making recycling paper is entirely made by hand from boiling unused and discarded papers that have been collected from various locations to drying the transform paper under the sun.

Transforming waste into cute products

We waste nothing, everything is transformable. We work hard to be creative to minimize fabric waste. With all the fabric scraps, we make clutches, headbands and scrunchies.

Reusable bags

For online orders, we use reusable tote bags with hand-woven tassels or tighten pouch perfumed with fig fragrance from the South of France (Grasse).

Plant-base packaging

For wholesale orders, we pack our products into a plant-base biodegradable polybag from Avani, working as a protective sleeve during delivery. This material is made from cassava plants sourced in Indonesia. Avani bags are bio-based alternative that becomes the ideal replacement to petroleum-based plastic bags.