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The Dhago Long Legging is super soft. It feels like you are wearing nothing, but it has a way of smoothing out your leg line that’s super flattering. This sporty legging features a crossover elastic band at the front that marks your waist and refines your silhouette. We carefully make the position of each print to highlight your body shape.

• Crossover elastic band
• Mark the waist
• Highlight the body shape 
• Hand-drawn illustration

This print is inspired by the Tibetan origins of the "flower people" tribe living in Indonesia. Brescia has hand-drawn the essential and symbolic elements of this cultural fusion such as the hibiscus flower that adorns the bodies of both women and men of this tribe.


85% Polyester, 15% Spandex
Lining Micro Polyspandex

Product and fabric made and printed in Indonesia, our home-based.

Product Care

Spandex is a man made elastic type fiber that can be stretched many times its length and then spring back to the original length.

Wash: Hand or machine wash spandex items in warm water. Do not use detergents that contain chlorine bleach on any fabric containing spandex as it will damage the fabric.

Dry: Line dry. Do not use any iron.