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Miyako Cabas will be your faithful partner, whether at the market on Sundays or at the beach. Designed from thick cotton canvas, it is structured and also lined with an inside pocket. For more adaptability, you can either close it with zipping or, if you are in a hurry, tie the cotton ribbons. From unique hand-drawn prints to rattan handles, it will add an exotic touch to your outfit.

• 2 way of closing
• All-purpose
• Rattan handles
• Hand-drawn illustration

L: 43 cm, H: 40 cm, Side: 13 cm

Mystical atmosphere with half-Vietnamese, half- Japanese motherhood, dressed in embroidered, flowing fabrics. Set sail to a colorful past where the watery and flowery world coexist.

Oeko-Tex Certified

Oeko-Tex certified:
The ink and materials have been tested for harmful substances. The product is harmless for human health.

100% Cotton double canvas
Lining 100% Cotton canvas
Tight and thick knitting.

Handmade rattan handles for an exotic classy touch.

Product made in Bali.


L: 40 cm, H: 40 cm, Side: 13 cm