Vibrant colors and ethnicity

Brescia’s inspirations comes from tributes from all around the world, vintage folkloric textiles and the fusion of bright colors. Samburu, Masaï, Berbers or Gypsy Cobra tribes… Ethnic faces from the other end of the planet drive her imagination.

Their exoticism, primitive traditions, stories and way of life interest the designer. Then, she reinterpreted in her own all those mixed influences to create a subtil and eclectic illustration. Jewelry is also very important in her work as they adorn the woman she is creating and define her universe.

Each illustration results from a long artistic process: they have a soul and are painted during many weeks/months with watercolor, pencils, Japanese markers, nib and Indian ink. 

The different steps


Brescia draws entirely by hand with pencils, Japanese markers and watercolour on paper. Each piece combines both poetry and folklore. 


She makes her own composition of the final illustration in real scale by computer. She adapts each print to each silhouette and pattern.


After sending the print in real scale to our factory in Jakarta, the fabric is digitally printed by pattern/piece which avoids waste of fabric. We use digital printing because it allows for precision, we only use the exact amount of ink, water and energy needed.


Then, fabrics come by rolls to Bali and local craftsmen make the production where precise cutting and sewing take weeks. Small productions all along the year to avoid over-stock. It allows us to focus on the individuality and longevity of each design and ensures that we are never over-produce.