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Hit the pool in style in our one shoulder swimsuit. Its top shapes follow beautifully the curves of the chest and is lightly high to refine the waist. Straps work to minimise tan lines while allowing adjustments to suit your needs. Our special advice: wear it as a body under your pants or skirt !

• Fully lined
• Sheathing effect thanks to the lining
• Versatile uses
• Hand-drawn exclusive print


85% Polyester, 15% Spandex
Lining Micro Polyspandex

Product and fabric made and printed in Indonesia, our home-based.

Product Care

Spandex is a man made elastic type fiber that can be stretched many times its length and then spring back to the original length.

Wash: Hand or machine wash spandex items in warm water. Do not use detergents that contain chlorine bleach on any fabric containing spandex as it will damage the fabric.

Dry: Line dry. Do not use any iron.